Underrated mobile casinos that can make your day

It’s a new day and a new era when it comes to casino gaming. The days of needing a laptop or desktop at hand in order to gamble online are now a thing of the page. These days’ it is all about gaming on the move and making best use of the spare time you have available. The tool that now takes focal point within most people’s lives is the smartphone. Innovated through Apple and now furthered through Android, these devices are often cited as one-stop-shops for entertainment. Not to miss a beat in such regard, the online casino industry has seen the potential within smartphone play. While the concept may be in its early days, it has quickly become a shining light with regards to industry innovation.

Since the first mobile casinos launched several years ago, it has become an arena dominated by the major industry names. LeoVegas have for a long time dominated the mobile market – If you are one of the few who haven’t heard about them you can read a review of them at Mrcasinon.com – But they are now looking at some serious competition coming up. Through months of research we have gone through several online casino portals and located a selection of mobile casinos that we feel are truly underrated. If you are looking for a reliable alternative to the major mobile casino names, you may want to keep the following in mind.

Vegas Mobile Casino

Have you ever heard of Probability before? Odds are the answer to that question is no. It’s safe to say that they don’t rank as one of the world’s major online casino developers, but don’t let that deter you. Operating solely in the mobile casino market, Probability is producing some seriously high-quality software. Backing Vegas Mobile Casino in this instance, they may not offer up a loaded game selection, but what they do offer is well worth playing. Plus, they offer a £5 no deposit sign-up incentive that is definitely a nice gesture.

Casino.com Mobile Casino

Mansion is one of the biggest online casino operators on the face of the earth, but in the mobile stakes they still rank as a relative unknown. It seems to have been a neglected arm of their business, with only recently having been given long overdue attention. After undertaking an overhaul, this Playtech backed online casino is now starting to command an audience. While at this point it is still very much a sleeper hit, Casino.com Mobile Casino has good games and a high-quality UI that could make it a major name in the future.

Northern Lights Mobile Casino

The name is a little bit on the odd side, which is what could have prevented it from immediately gaining an audience in the past. In spite of the name, what Northern Lights Mobile Casino represents is a high quality mobile casino option. Built specifically with the mobile casino market in mind, Northern Lights Mobile Casino is a provider of Nektan games. The Nektan title selection may not be to everyone’s taste, but when you partner it up with a varied selection of promotions, it becomes evident as to why this UK exclusive online casino is so well respected.

Chomp Mobile Casino

The very last name on this list is one that we are sure most will have never heard of before. Chomp Mobile Casino is basic in design and basic in premise, but provides a quick-fix mobile casino experience unlike any other. Providing players with games from Nektan, if you simply want a mobile casino that you can pick up and play, Chomp Mobile Casino could very well be the mobile casino for you.