Guts Casino adds Genii games to its mobile ranks

When it comes to the world of online casino thrills and spills, many new upstart online casinos claim to have it all. Various self-promoting brands have made claim to being the “biggest” online casino in the world, but the reality is that when it comes to game choice only one online casino can claim that such crown. Guts have emerged from the shadows to become one of the greatest online casinos in the world, with it being lauded on casino portals throughout Europe. By working with some of the industry’s latest and greatest developers, they feature over 700 games, all of which can be accessed in just one or two clicks. The latest news to be featured on online casino portals is that Guts is adding a new developer to its ranks in the form Genii.

Already Comprehensive

What’s amazing is that prior to the deal Guts already have a comprehensive catalogue of games to offer players. Members already had the chance to play various existing video poker, table, and slot games. Guts are owned by Gaming Innovation Group and through their parent company’s workings, growth and expansion is now on the horizon. Brand new games through what is seen as a massive overhaul will help push the game selection towards the four figure mark, making for a true record breaking game selection in the process. In attempt to offer it all, Genii will be adding highly quality games to the mobile offering at Guts, which should see it become the ultimate gambling one-stop-shop.

The Most Lucrative of Deals

Guts is largely considered to be the spearhead brand from the Gaming Innovation Group, so it is no shock to see them push forward to grow the brand in the coming months. Genii may not rank as a development mega power as of yet, but they are making waves within the mobile realm. There hundred plus games are all set to push Guts mobile offering to the next level and give them an injection of some much needed variety. Leading the way when it comes to the new games is Spin 16, a brand new title that is specifically built for tablet and smartphone devices. Giving players the chance to spin the reels 16 different ways, Spin 16 could easily become a flagship Guts title in the coming months.

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Increased User Engagement

Obviously offering an increased level of games makes up part of the reason as to why the agreement has been reached, but that isn’t the only reason. Guts clearly sees the mobile market as untapped at this point in time, with increased user engagement now being seen of pivotal importance. By introducing Genii games to Guts, members will be afforded the chance for a more rewarding game experience. Not only that a new app is set to be released for Windows and Mac devices in order to further increase the ease of use. Through an agreement with Genii, Guts is growing and its members are set to reap the rewards.